The fall of “Captain America”

By, Connor Green

This Captain America could never save cities from the brink of destruction and he does not have a shield strong enough to knock out his enemies, however the baseball world has its own “Captain America”. That man is New York Mets third baseman, David Wright, Wright has been playing baseball for twelve seasons and has made his mark on the franchise. Once an all-star and gold-glove caliber player, Wright spends most of his time now on the DL (designated list) now and has drastically decreased in his abilities.

David has the most RBI’s (runs batted in) in New York Mets history with 970 and has had five seasons with over 100 RBI’s. Wright earned the nickname “Captain America” during his stint on the United States Olympic team and has had countless memorable moments in the spotlight both in New York and during the Olympics. David was named the Mets “captain” and has been on the New York Mets his entire career and has become an icon for all die hard Mets fans.

Throughout the many losing seasons, the miserable losses, the heartbreaking defeats David Wright has always been there, providing momentary relief to all Mets fans who could barely stand to watch anymore. Wright was the Mets, he was the lifeblood of a team that struggled to even remain in contention by the midway point in the season. Wright has seven All-Star appearances (his latest was 2013), two Gold Gloves, and two Silver Sluggers. Wright has been with the Mets through the good times and the bad, he has only been to the playoff’s twice in his lengthy career (last year it was the World Series), but even throughout the bad times (and there was a lot of those) Wright was the perfect embodiment of a captain leading his team both throughout his actions on and off the field.

In 2013 the Mets agreed to extend David Wright’s contract for seven years, 122 million dollars. Under contract Wright will be a Met through his age 37 season and will likely retire a Met. Wright has struggled tremendously this year with a .226 batting average (although his .350 OBP is still above average) and now will be sent back to the sidelines with yet another injury. This was not what the Mets had envisioned when they gave him that lengthy, expensive contract extension and although as a Mets fan I am saddened by what has come of David Wrights career, he is still and will always be a legend in my eyes. Wright has shown loyalty found rarely in the sports world and has put together an amazing career highlighted by remarkable plays in the field and walk-off hits.

Wright may be on the decline, but any true Mets fan should remember him as both the spiritual and physical leader of a team that really needed guidance. Wright gave thousands a reason to watch the struggling Mets and even though the Mets have new stars now Mets fans need to always show respect to the once great player. Oh, and one more thing…LETS GO METS.


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